Ourscreen is

*UK based digital-social platform ourscreen aims to support the great work being done in cinemas across the country. ourscreen empowers film fans and local communities to create and attend screenings at their local cinema.

ourscreen continues to roll out across the UK and is now available in a total of 19 cities including: London, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Bradford, Bath, Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Exeter, Henley, Liverpool, Norwich, Oxford, Southampton, Stratford-upon-Avon and York.*

Launching in April 2014, below is a dataset for their screenings April 2014 – April 2015. Ourscreen is of interest as it is not only new, but they openly offer admissions data. Scraped in late April 2015, there are some incomplete areas there are elements unable to retrieve post event – and notably a large number of screenings weren’t publicly viewable. Beyond this some errors have been kept in to maintain the dataset.

Some quick figures:

  • 138 hosts
  • 274 films
  • 35 venues
  • 727 screenings
  • 2106 possible screenings

Dataset on Google Sheets

Data updated May 2016, added a further 1700~ screenings.