Tucked away on the BFI website are exit polls for films supported by the distribution fund.

There are 168 films dating back to October 2005, historically collected through the UK Film Council and now the BFI. The data collected is sources of information by the audience for each film, and then a category baits to attendance. Since the BFI insight reports refer to exit poll data not shown here, it seems more questions are asked but not released in this data.

The data is dumped into separate excel sheets for each film, combined here leaving a small but interesting dataset below.

Unfortunately, I can only focus on the sources of information section, as the baits section is very specific to each film and consequently incapable of larger analysis.

To be succinct, the following changes were made in cleaning:

  • Age demographic was discarded – this was left unworkable through collection, with films offering a single split as Under/Over an age, often either 25, 35, 45, or 55. It might offer great context to one film, but in terms of larger analysis it’s useless.
  • Fields were combined – So any mention of Friends/Family is turned into Word of Mouth, any mention of TV is put into a single TV value, and so on for Billboard, Brochure, Print Ads etc. It’s clear looking through some of the data that errors were made in entry, so in turn have been adjusted.

Some quick figures:

  • 28,941 participants were surveyed on 168 films over the course of 9 years
  • Grossed a total of £108.3m (this figure is missing films from February 2014 onwards, 13 in total to date)
  • Shown on 13353 screens collectively

Complete dataset on Google Sheets