Ostende - Django for film seasons

Ostende is an open source film screenings system, built with Python on Django.

Ostende has one principle objective - build reusable infrastructure for film exhibition. Websites for seasons are often built with the wrong tools at great cost. Ostende makes it cheap, fast, and easy to deploy a website focussed on reaching people.


Ostende is audience focussed - enabling a user to find and discover film screenings by venue, location, film, and date. With the additional option for articles and editorial to frame a season. The design is clean, modern, and easy to build on.

Built with Django, and using Django Rest Framework, it's also a great example of an efficient Django app in production. It can handle tens of thousands of screenings on a low cost virtual machine.

Find an example at filmfeels.co.uk - used for the Obsession (2019) and Connected (2020) seasons.

The code is open source, and can be found on Github.