Launching FilmResearch.org Beta

The UK film industry produces an incredible amount of resources every year. But also sees an incredible amount lost and forgotten, we’re trying to fix that.

Film Research is a library of film research, reports, and data sets.

We’ve indexed hundreds of resources to support innovation in the UK film industry.


Our aim is to:

  • Archive and index film industry research, resources, and data sets.
  • Increase access and availability to these resources.
  • Help cultivate an intelligent and thriving UK film industry.

We believe that making these resources easily available leads to an open and intelligent industry – we’re trying to share best practice, prevent duplication, and promote transparency and accountability.

We’re going to continue to add resources, both from the past and as new ones are found. We’re also working on making these resources easier to discover and contextualise.

But our big ambition is for this project to become a collaboration. Currently the “we”, is just me, Andy. None of these resources belong to me, and I’ve been making this library itself open source in the hope of finding contributors.

You can find all of the resources on GitHub, so you can already contribute by creating a branch and pull request.

I’m exploring different platforms to encourage this kind of collaboration, and ultimately aiming for a Git-powered wiki. You can follow progress on that over here, I’m working towards a launch of this version this Spring.