Film Hub Midlands Dashboard


Film Hub Midlands a driving force behind film culture in the Midlands, as part of the BFI Film Audience Network. By providing funding and training, they aim to help more people in the region watch, make, and show films.

I built this dashboard to unify projects data from across the organisation, using Python for the data pipeline and Google Data Studio for visualisation.

Film Hub Midlands projects deliver a large amount of data - through supporting over 50 projects a year, and tens of thousands of people. From top level financial data, right through to individual screenings and audience surveys. It's vital that funders, partners, and decision makers can access this to make intelligent decisions.

I believe that dashboards are the best way to:

  • Create and share intelligence across an organisation.
  • Remove gatekeepers, and increase safe access to data.
  • Increase efficiency, and data confidence within teams.



Top level and allows for "deep dive" into projects. Ability to drill to time, project, organisation, year, film, and individual audience characteristics.

Note - the images on this page show sample data, and are not reflective of Film Hub Midlands.