Developing FilmResearch.org

Back in February I launched a beta of FilmResearch.org, a library of film research, reports, and data sets from the UK film industry.

Since then I've added hundreds more resources, and made some other changes too...


I've rebuilt the site from the ground up with Grav. Making it easier to find and discover new and helpful resources.

Using Grav also means every resource is written in Markdown, making it easy to host the entire archive on GitHub. This isn't just a backup, but also a way of being very transparent about the content and any edits made. Whilst also providing the infrastructure inviting anyone to contribute.

I'm aware there's a technical learning curve to Github, Markdown, and Grav... so I've retained the easier way of reporting any edits as well.

And it's all open source - so anyone can download the repository and create their own.